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Guest, Speaker, Performer Bios - Satish Shenoy

Satish Shenoy is someone who has always embraced a sense of adventure, having lived in four countries, and traveled to over 40+ countries across all seven continents. After being introduced to running, his aspirations soared to completing a full marathon. He then set his sights on the “7 Continents Club” - an exclusive group of runners who have run full marathons across all seven continents. He successfully finished his seven continent marathon quest in Antarctica in 2019, possibly the first GSB Konkani to complete this feat. He has recently published "Runaway Growth" - a book with seven lessons for business and life from running across the seven continents.

Satish is a senior business executive that has successfully built and grown channel partner ecosystems for Fortune 500 companies, a Distinguished Toastmaster, an awardwinning speaker and is passionate about helping others through workshops on running, mindset, productivity, pitching and more. He has an MBA from Columbia University in New York, NY, and a M.S. from Michigan State University.

Satish Shenoy can be reached at https://satishshenoy.com/


PANEL DISCUSSION - UTSAV: 7/4, 1:30-1:55pm


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